You Get the Best Auto Repair Service Here

At JBD, we provide a complete one-stop solution to auto repair. From minor to major problems, you will find our services to be affordable and reliable.


Make Your Car Last Longer

We provide a full range of mechanic services including oil change, wheel alignment, engine tuning etc.


Reliable repair Of Your Car

Car breakdown? No worries. Just call us and we'll have your back covered.




    Mechanic Services

    At JBD, we offer a complete range of auto repair services.

    Tire Service

    We offer tire installation, tire rotation, puncture repair besides selling new and used tires.

    Oil Change

    We carry all the different grades of oil and filters for all types of vehicles.

    Engine Tune-up

    If your car is not running as well as it used to, bring it in

    Collision Repair

    We can restore damaged vehicles due to accidents. We also handle insurance claims.

    Tow Truck Service

    We can get your vehicle towed to our workshop for repairs. Just call us.


    Apart from a full range of mechanic services, we also provide specialized services such as vehicle modifications, auto restoration and more.

    Computer Diagnostics

    We can perform a complete computer diagnostics to help you address any warning light displayed on the dashboard to determine

    Auto Restoration

    We are very adept at restoring vehicles back to their original glory. It is something we enjoy doing.

    Vehicle Modifications

    We assist customers in vehicle modifications for aesthetics appeal and also for enhanced performance.