We offer a complete one-stop solution to auto repair. At JBD, our comprehensive services include:

Complete computer diagnostics

We can help you address any warning light displayed on the dashboard to determine the root cause and to correct the problem.
Engine tune-up: get your car to run smoothly and efficiently for better peace of mind.

Timing belt

Avoid a breakdown by inspection and replacement as necessary. Worn timing belts can break any time.

Complete engine rebuilding

We can dismantle and rebuild an entire engine with new parts to breathe new life to your car.

Oil change

Regular oil change helps to prolong engine life.

Brake inspection and repair

Regularly inspect the brake pads, fluid and rotors for confident stopping.

Collision damage repair and insurance claim

We perform a complete inspection report to file a claim with your insurance company and get your vehicle repaired as quickly as possible.

Muffler and exhaust system repair

We inspect and recommend replacement or repair as and when necessary.

Steering and suspension system repair

We can check the complete steering and suspension systems, including the shocks and  springs for repair or replacement.

Fuel system repair

We check the entire fuel system (tank, line, pump and filter) for integrity.

Coolant system repair

Overheating of the engine can be avoided by checking and repairing the coolant system.

Air-conditioning system repair

We check the condenser, compressor and refrigerant level to ensure the cooling capability is working well.

Electrical system repair

We help to check all wires and connectors to ensure all components are working as intended.

Wheel alignment

It is important to make sure the wheels are aligned properly not only for prolonging tire-tread life but also for safety.

Towing service

Our towing service is always reliable and affordable.